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Precision is our passion!

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We offer you a comprehensive range of products and services in the fields of surveying technology and precision farming, e.g. surveying rods (Stonex) and the associated CAD software (Caplan), retrofitting or upgrading GPS guidance or ISOBUS (Trimble, FJDynamicx), converting track and field data, creating application maps or individual product training, even for products that we do not sell ourselves.

Benefit from our many years of experience and let us advise you!

We are based in Nordfriesland in the north of Schleswig-Holstein, but are active for our customers throughout northern Germany.


Precision is our passion

I have always been fascinated by the combination of agriculture and technology. The agricultural apprenticeship and the subsequent mechanical engineering degree therefore offered the perfect symbiosis to realize both interests in my professional life.

I first came into contact with GPS guidance systems and section control in Australia, where I worked as a harvest helper for a season, and later in my studies I delved deeper into the theory behind them in the subject “Precision Farming”. I have been fascinated by the subject ever since and after graduating, I started working for a large agricultural machinery dealer as a cross-location product specialist for precision farming. GPS guidance, ISOBUS, but also application maps, nitrogen sensors and data processing have been my daily bread since then and this has not changed since I became self-employed in October 2020.

Surveying technology was added in November 2021 as an ideal addition. The requirements are basically very similar: high-precision RTK positioning in the cm range as well as recording and further processing of points, polylines and areas in position and height. Nevertheless, surveying has expanded our customer base enormously and the learning curve has risen steeply once again, so that today we are ideally positioned in both areas, precision agriculture and surveying technology. And one thing remains the same anyway: a passion for precision!


We do not offer off-the-shelf solutions, but tailor-made to your requirements.


We not only sell our products, but also offer you comprehensive training and provide service. And in the event of technical problems, we are available to help as quickly as possible.


Whether precision farming or measurement: our products offer you the highest precision!


You can rely on our word, we don’t make promises we can’t keep!